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Blue Grotto Capri

Capri Blue Grotto

A tour of the Blue Grotto is a mesmerizing and unforgettable experience.

This natural sea cave is located on the island of Capri in Italy, and it's renowned for its stunning sapphire-blue waters and unique rock formations. The Blue Grotto is a natural cavity about 60 meters long and 25 meters wide. The entrance is narrow, only two meters wide and one meter high. To visit it, you need to board small rowing boats that can accommodate a maximum of 4 people. The sailor will ask you to lie down on the bottom of the boat as he enters the cave using a chain attached to the rock.


As you embark on this magical journey, here's what you can expect:


  1. Arrival: You'll begin your adventure by boarding a small boat directly from the private boat. The anticipation builds as you set off on the crystal-clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

  2. Natural Beauty: Inside the Blue Grotto, you'll be greeted by a surreal world of iridescent blue. The sunlight filtering through the submerged entrance creates an enchanting azure glow that illuminates the cave's interior.

  3. Rock Formations: While in the cave, take in the remarkable stalactites and stalagmites that adorn the walls and ceiling. The unique formations have been sculpted by nature over centuries and add to the cave's mystique.

  4. Magical Atmosphere: The echoing sound of the boatman's song reverberates within the cave, adding to the enchanting ambiance. The stillness and serenity of the grotto make it a perfect place for reflection.

  5. Limited Access: The entrance to the Blue Grotto is quite small, allowing only small rowboats to enter. This exclusivity adds to the charm of the experience.

  6. Boat Ride: The boatmen skillfully navigate the low entrance and guide you through the narrow passage. It's a thrilling and slightly eerie experience as you venture deeper into the cave.

  7. Photo Opportunities: Be sure to have your camera ready to capture the breathtaking beauty of the Blue Grotto. The vibrant blue waters and the play of light create incredible photo opportunities.

  8. Spiritual Journey: Some say that the Blue Grotto has a spiritual quality that leaves visitors feeling rejuvenated and connected to the natural world.

Exploring the Blue Grotto is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and the vivid blue waters and captivating ambiance make it a must-see attraction for anyone visiting the beautiful island of Capri. Don't forget to use these hashtags to share your incredible journey with others!

The Blue Grotto - Useful Information


**Opening Hours**: The grotto is open from 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening, but only under favorable sea conditions. Entrance is impossible with strong Libeccio or Maestrale winds. From November to March, it is rare for the Grotto to be open.


**Entrance Fee**: The entrance fee is 18 euros per person (as of January 2024), with the possibility of adding a tip to the boatman.


**Ideal Visiting Hours**: The lighting effects inside the Grotto are most spectacular between 12 and 2 pm, although the difference compared to the morning is minimal. It is not advisable to visit on cloudy days as the reflections are less intense. In the afternoon, there are generally fewer queues, but after 3 pm, the sea can become rough, and visits may be suspended.


**Swimming in the Grotto**: Swimming in the Blue Grotto or attempting to enter by swimming is strictly prohibited and dangerous.


**Duration of the Visit**: The visit inside the Grotto lasts about 5 minutes, but the wait to enter can be long, especially during peak hours in the high season, which could last up to an hour.


**The Blue Coloration**: The characteristic blue color of the Grotto is due to the sunlight entering through an underwater window located exactly under the entrance. The water filters the light, absorbing the red and letting the blue pass through. Additionally, air bubbles attached to the outer surface of objects create silvery reflections, thanks to a different refractive index compared to the water.


**History of the Blue Grotto in Capri**: During Roman times, in the reign of Tiberius, the Grotto was used as a sea nymph's sanctuary, and the statues found inside are now displayed at the Casa Rossa in Anacapri. For many years, the Blue Grotto was abandoned and feared by local sailors due to popular legends describing it as a place haunted by spirits and demons. However, in 1826, local fisherman Angelo Ferraro accompanied the German writer August Kopisch and the painter Ernst Fries on a visit to the cave. The two men recounted the wonders of the Blue Grotto, making it a regular stop on every trip to Capri since then.

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