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About us

- Welcome -

Our company "Powerboat Italia" has been operating in the Italian nautical market since 1980. You are guaranteed to have a service at the highest level with attention to every detail, supported by a staff that also manages a marina with shipyard.


All our boats are located in our headquarters shipyard of Naples - Borgo Marinari, in the port of Santa Lucia, few steps away from the major hotels and cruise terminal. You can easily reach us with your car by parking inside our private area.


We can assist you from the earliest stages of booking, supporting you in choosing and booking the best restaurant, or on extra request, we will let you find on board your favorite wine, a birthday cake, a Caprese salad, snorkeling equipment, just to give you some ideas. Just ask and every wish will be fulfilled!


Experienced skippers on board will take care of all navigation needs and will sail guests to their favorite excursions.

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