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Marina Piccola Capri

Capri Marina Piccola

Marina Piccola in Capri is a charming and picturesque bay on the southern coast of the island. Known for its breathtaking natural beauty, crystal-clear waters, and the iconic Faraglioni Rocks in the distance, Marina Piccola is a must-see destination. When viewed from a private boat tour, the experience is nothing short of enchanting.


Here's a description of Marina Piccola and the view from a private boat tour:

Marina Piccola:

  1. Idyllic Setting: Marina Piccola is a small but enchanting bay nestled between rugged cliffs and lush greenery. Its intimate and peaceful atmosphere makes it a beloved spot for locals and visitors alike.

  2. Turquoise Waters: The bay's waters are renowned for their striking turquoise and azure hues, inviting you to take a dip in the clear, refreshing sea.

  3. Beach Clubs: Along the shoreline, you'll find exclusive beach clubs where you can relax on sunbeds, enjoy delicious Mediterranean cuisine, and sip on refreshing cocktails while admiring the stunning surroundings.

  4. Faraglioni View: One of the most iconic aspects of Marina Piccola is the panoramic view of the Faraglioni Rocks, which loom in the distance. These colossal sea stacks add to the dramatic beauty of the bay.

  5. Relaxation: Marina Piccola is a place to unwind, soak in the sun, and savor the tranquil ambiance. It's a perfect setting for a day of leisure and relaxation.

View from a Private Boat Tour:

Experiencing Marina Piccola from a private boat tour offers a unique and luxurious perspective:

  1. Entrance Arrival: As your private boat approaches Marina Piccola, you'll be greeted by the stunning sight of the bay opening up before you. The contrast between the azure sea, the lush cliffs, and the sparkling sun is a visual delight.

  2. Exclusive Vantage Point: A private boat tour allows you to enjoy Marina Piccola away from the crowds. You can savor the tranquility and appreciate the bay's natural beauty in peace.

  3. Closer to Nature: The private boat's proximity to the water and coastline gives you an intimate connection to the surrounding nature. You can marvel at the underwater world, explore hidden caves, and even take a refreshing swim in the pristine waters.

  4. Faraglioni Presence: The Faraglioni Rocks, which are best viewed from Marina Piccola, appear even more impressive when observed from a private boat. The perspective of these towering rock formations against the backdrop of the bay is truly mesmerizing.

  5. Luxe Comfort: Private boat tours often come with added comforts, such as refreshments and personalized service, enhancing the overall experience.

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Marina Piccola in Capri, when viewed from a private boat tour, provides an unparalleled opportunity to appreciate the island's natural beauty and iconic landmarks. The combination of the bay's tranquil charm and the majestic Faraglioni Rocks creates a memory of unparalleled coastal beauty.

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